Jumbo Tesla Coil 180mm – Super strong

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Jumbo Tesla Coil (with bigger coil)

Size: H 180 x 93 x 93 mm – Coil diameter: 40mm

Complete with power supply and accessories.

Color: Blue, Power cable: EU – With Audio Input.

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  • This is the bigger brother of our compact Tesla coils. It produces a high frequency and high voltage electric field and produces nice sparks at the top pin.
  • It lights up all kind of discharge tubes or lamps and even LED just by holding the tube or lamp near the coil. At the same time, this Tesla coil adds audio modulation to the circuit, so when a music signal is input, the arc will emit music sound and become a plasma loudspeaker. The top of this coil is designed with different discharge terminals which can be replaced, thus achieving the effect of ion wreath of ion windmill.

This coil works with all our discharge tubes and comes with a European power plug. It can be used in continuous operation due to a strong and silent cooling fan.