Niobium curb chain, 45cm, polished – NEW

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Pure Niobium curb chain, 50cm – width ~4mm, anodised

Length 50cm, width ~4mm, weight ~ 13.93 grams – Purity 99.95%

NEW! Niobium necklace anodised. Enjoy the colours!
Natural niobium metal is silvery. By anodising in a special acid mixture and electricity we create these beautiful and durable colours!
These exclusive necklaces are only evailable here and can be used by men and women. Two different sizes (45cm & 50cm) are available. Each necklace is shipped in a noble jewelry gift-box.
Niobium is hypoallergenic and durable. It is highly recommended for those who suffer from nickel, silver or gold allergies.
Each necklace comes with an elaborated laser cut and highly polished tag engraved with the name and purity of the used material. The back side of the tag bears the registered unique serial number.

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