Nice Gold doped glass bead – Gold ruby glass. NEW!

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Glass bead doped with Gold Nanoparticles
Material: BaP:0.1 Au
Size about 10mm – Weight ~ 1.0g
Nice glass bead. Each one handmade of phosphate glass in our lab.
Gold ruby glass.Unlike other colored glass it’s color comes from gold nano crystals. Normally silicate glass is used for this but I wanted to use optical barium phosphate glass. The first attempts failed and I got a colorless glass with tiny gold droplets inside. Then after fine adjusting the ingredients and temperature I got a water clear and colorless glass melt which suddenly turned deep red within a few seconds on cooling down to 500 deg. C

Beautiful optical glass beads doped with metal ions.

Elaborately and individually manufactured by us in the laboratory from highly pure reagents.
Gorgeous beads showing the typical colors of different metal ions in different oxidation states.

They can be used for save demonstration of different colors of the metal compounds or just for collecting.

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