Element collection of luminescent doped optical glasses – 7 pcs. + free 3W 365nm UV LED – Lamp

 119,00 inkl. MWSt.

Unique in the world! Luminescent Set of metal ions doped optical glasses – 7 pcs.

INCL. FREE UV LED lamp 395nm

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Size approx. 13mm – weight approx. 1 – 1.5g – Material: phosphate and borate glasses. You get 7 glass beads + a FREE UV LED  lamp 365nm

The top row shows the colorless and slightly coloured glasses, which illuminate under UV (365nm see below): Europium, Cerium, Terbium, Samarium, Manganese, Uranium, Dysprosium

Elaborately and individually manufactured by us in the laboratory from highly pure reagents.

Gorgeous beads showing the typical colors of different metal ions in different oxidation states.

A feast for the eyes of element collectors!

You get this UV-LED lamp incl. USB charging cable for FREE !



1. Material: aluminum alloy
2. Product Size: 108*23*23 mm
3. Battery Duration: 3-5 hours (rechargeable)
4. Wavelength: 365nm
5. Lighting Distance: 5 m
6. Power: 3W
7. Shell Color: Black