IRIDIUM most perfect density cube 10x10x10mm 22.65g


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IRIDIUM –  precision density-standard cube 1cm3 – 22.5 grams NEW! Made by Heraeus Germany – incl. certificate of analysis These are the densest and most perfect commercially available Iridium cubes on the market: 22.5g/cm3 Please note that this item is excluded from reductions or special offers.  

We are leading manufacturer of metal density cubes of highest quality. Our cubes are famous for having perfect surface finish, sharp edges and exact size. Everything is made by master’s hand with love for details.

Using selected and high pure materials only, each density cube was lapped to 10x10x10mm in our lab with an accuracy of 0.01 millimeter. Each one separately ground and polished it represents the theoretical density of the respective element by its weight.


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