Acrylic Element-block Xenon (liquified) Xe – 50mm

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The Sensation! Acrylic Element-blocks NEW!
With long Ampoule
Liquified Xenon made by cooling down with liquid nitrogen, sealed in fused quartz ampoule. Xenon in liquid form is only visible at temperatures lower than +15°C (critical temperature). Over this temperature its is just colorless gas. Pressure inside the ampoule ~ 942 psi. Only in this form is it safe to handle.
Here we embedded a long ampoule (filled to the half) for better watching of the liquid phase.
The innovation! Selected element samples in amply amount embedded in 50x50x50mm first-class crystal clear acrylic (not cheap resin!) . Totally lightfast, high gloss polish. The text is embedded inside! These original acrylic cubes are part of important and famous periodic table collections allover the world!  Hand crafted! Made in Germany! Each acrylic block is a unique and individual piece! EXTREMELY eye-catching!


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