RHODIUM precision density cube 10mm – 12.41g

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RHODIUM –  precision density-standard cube 1cm3 – 12.4 grams incl. certificate of analysis –  At the moment we cannot produce this cube due to the extreme material cost and loss during production. We hope we can offer this item again in the near future.

We are leading manufacturer of metal density cubes of highest quality. Our cubes are famous for having perfect surface finish, sharp edges and exact size. Everything is made by master’s hand with love for details on our own workshop in Austria. We are often asked why our cubes cost about 3 – 5 times more than those from other sellers. Well…. you can buy a cheap car just for moving from one point to another – Or you fulfill your lifelong dream and buy the sports car you always wanted to have…

Using selected and high pure materials only, each density cube was lapped to 10x10x10mm to reach 1cm3 and 21.5×21.5×21.5mm (big 10cm3 cubes) in our lab with an accuracy of 0.01 millimeter. Each one separately ground and polished in a several hours lasting process.  The cubes represent the theoretical density of the respective element by its weight.

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