Noble gases complete set in ampoules premium version Ø12mmx50mm

 79,00 incl. VAT

You get the 5 noble gases Helium, Neon, Argon, Krypton and Xenon in hand made boro-silicate ampoules with a length of ~50mm and a diameter of ~ 12mm


Noble gases complete set in ampoules He Ne Ar Kr Xe – Premium version

100% Hand made by smart-elements

all 5 noble gases sealed in boro silicate ampoules under vacuum.

Size: length 45-50mm, dia. ~11mm

These ampoule were especially made for  experiments with high voltage. Simple ampoules of noble gases do not illuminate.

On the picture you see the illuminated ampoules. Connected to a 5000V/35kHz transformer via two metal loops. The transformers can be found here.

Watch our video with an argon ampoule in a microwave oven.