Nd:YAG Laser Crystal rod

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Nd:YAG Laser Crystal

Nd:YAG crystal is the most early and mature laser material adopted by R&D, medical, industrial and military customers. It is the ubiquitous presence for near-infrared solid-state lasers and their frequency-doubler, tripler, and higher order multiplier

Application: Materials processing, drilling, cutting, welding, marking, engraving
Format: Rods, Discs and Slabs
Rod sizes: Diameter: 2- 25mm, Length: 30 – 200mm
Disc sizes: Diameter: 2 – 25.4mm, Thickness: >= 1mm
Slab sizes: Length: 60 – 180mm, Width: 6 – 24mm, Thickness: 3 – 4mm
Ends: Plane, Brewster, Concave and Convex
Sides: Ground, Polished and Grooved