High purity selenium discharge tube Ø12mm

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High purity Selenium discharge tube.

sealed in boro silicate ampoule under vacuum.

Size:  length ~80 – 120mm, dia. 12mm – Lead and mercury free

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This ampoule was especially made for  experiments with high voltage.

This tube does not contain any other “starter” gases, just pure Selenium. It needs a certain temperature to “ingnite”. Put the ampoule under boiling water to increase the pressure inside (Selenium even needs a bit more heat than others). Once illuminated with suitable electrodes, the ampoule keeps the ideal temperature for continuous illumination. It will work with a tesla tube only  if heated enough before and during operation.

On the main picture you see the illuminated ampoule. Connected to a 5000V/35kHz transformer via two metal loops. The transformers can be found here.

The tube contains sublimed selenium which evaporates during operation and keeps the necessary pressure to illuminate.

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80 x Ø12mm, 100 x Ø12mm, 120 x Ø12mm