Helium-3 Isotope discharge tube 70mm – NEW

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Helium-3 discharge tube 70mm – NEW

contains the Helium-3 Isotope.

Length: 70mm x 12mm diameter

You get ONE ampoule

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Helium-3 in Ampoule

Experience the unique properties of Helium-3, a rare isotope encapsulated in high-quality ampoules for scientific and research purposes. Each ampoule contains Helium-3 gas, known for its applications in cryogenics, neutron detection, and potential future use in nuclear fusion. The ampoules are sealed to ensure the purity and integrity of the isotope, making them ideal for precise experiments and advanced research. Discover the fascinating world of Helium-3 and its potential to revolutionize technology and energy production.

They can be excited with a tesla coil or a neon power supply.

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