Element-Set Basic 12 Elements 50mm Ampoules

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Element-Set Basic 12 Elements 50mm Ampoules

This set is opimized for collectors. Each ampoule filled with the technically maximum amount possible – Don’t ask for the amount of each sample – we do not weigh them out. Each sample is processed individually to achieve a perfect look of the element. Each element is labelled as shown (English or German)

ampoule size ~ 50mm – diameter ~ 12mm – Boro silicate glass / AR glass

The set contains following elements


Aluminium 99.999% Copper 99.999% Sulfur 99.999%
Chromium 99.9% Carbon 99.99% Silicon 99.9999%
Cobalt 99.995% Manganese 99.95% Vanadium 99.95%
Iron 99.995% Magnesium 99.7% Zinc 99.9%



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