Damast titanium rod ⌀ 35x55mm – 240 grams #1

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Damast titanium rod ⌀ 35x55mm – 240 grams

You get the rod shown on the picture!

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Introducing Damast Titanium: Unleash the Beauty of Boundless Colors!

Damast titanium, also known as Damascus titanium, is a specialized type of titanium alloy that combines the strength and durability of titanium with the unique aesthetics of Damascus steel.

Damascus steel is renowned for its distinctive pattern and excellent cutting performance. It is traditionally made by forging together layers of different types of steel, resulting in a beautiful, wavy pattern on the blade or surface of the metal. This pattern is created through a process called pattern welding or forge welding, where layers of steel are folded and manipulated to create the desired pattern.

In the case of damast titanium, this technique is applied to titanium instead of steel. Multiple layers of titanium are meticulously welded together and then manipulated through heating, forging, and etching processes to achieve the characteristic Damascus pattern. The result is a stunning combination of titanium’s lightweight and corrosion-resistant properties with the artistic appeal of the Damascus pattern.

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