Complete Set of ALL Elements in 50mm Acrylic cubes – 118 pcs

Full set of ALL elements of the periodic table!

118 selected acrylic cubes. Size 50x50x50mm (+- 1mm)

Shipping weight ~25kgs – Shipping in 2 – 3 subsequent packages within 6 months after placing the order.

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Complete Set of Elements in Acrylic cubes – 118 pcs

This is the full set of ALL elements of the periodic table!

This is the full set of ALL elements of the periodic table! Fitting in our Displays (display not included)

Enhance your collection with our premium acrylic cubes, perfectly designed to fit into our elegant display cases. Each cube is meticulously selected for its quality, ensuring a stunning presentation of your prized elements or collectibles.

  • High-Quality Selection: Each cube is carefully chosen to meet the highest standards of clarity and durability.
  • Perfect Fit: Custom-sized to seamlessly fit into our display case, providing a neat and organized look.
  • Cost-Effective Set: Save approximately 20% when you purchase this complete set compared to buying each cube individually.
  • Staggered Shipping: For your convenience, the full set will be shipped in 2 – 3 subsequent packages over a period of 6 months, ensuring safe and timely delivery.

This complete set not only offers a significant discount, but also the convenience and quality assurance that comes with each acrylic cube. Transform your exhibition in classrooms, museum rooms, reception rooms with this wonderfully harmonious set and leave people in awe.

Order Now since there are very few available slots for production every year.

Notes: All cubes representing radioactive elements contain a placeholder with a transparent radioactive symbol (25mm) embedded.

For cubes that are available in different variants you get following ones:

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Weight 70 kg
Dimensions 180 × 120 × 10 cm