Ce:YAG Laser Crystal rods

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Ce:YAG Laser Crystal
Ce : YAGCe:YAG crystal is an excellent laser material used for no-water cooling and miniature laser systems. The Ce: YAG laser rod has the characteristics of high efficiency, low threshold, anti-violet radiation and high repetition frequency for lasers operation. It has achieved the international advanced level. It is the most ideal laser material for the high repetition air cooling lasers. It suitable for different modes of operation (CW, pulsed , Q-switched, mode locked, doubling of frequency ) and high-average power lasers.

Application: Laser Rangefinder
Format: Rods, Discs and Slabs
Rod sizes: Diameter: 2- 10mm, Length: 30 – 150mm
Disc sizes: Diameter: 2 – 15mm, Thickness: >= 1mm
Slab sizes: Length: 60 – 150mm, Width: 6 – 15mm, Thickness: 3 – 4mm
Ends: Plane, Brewster, Concave and Convex
Sides: Ground, Polished and Grooved