Cesium Iodide >99,9% – CsI – 10.0g

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Cesium Iodide >99,9% – CsI

is a salt of the element cesium, it dissolves in water. A base material of various cesium compounds used in radiology, glass, ceramics, catalyst and chemically analytics reagents.

Cesium Iodide has a reasonably high x-ray stopping power due to its relatively high density and high effective “Z” (atomic number). For scintillation counting with Si diodes, CsI doped with a thallium “activator” is generally used. This material is designated CsI(Tl).

Cesium Iodide has high resistance to thermal and mechanical shock due to the absence of a cleavage plane. Most physical characteristics of CsI are independent of the activator used. CsI itself is soluble in water but is not hygroscopic in the real sense. However, when in contact with materials to which water vapor can adhere, or when used in atmospheres with a high relative humidity, surface degradation can occur.

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