Captured Explosion – Acrylic Cube Xenon (liquified) Xe – 50mm

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Captured Explosion of a liquid Xenon ampoule in 50x50x50mm acrylic cube

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The Sensation! Acrylic Element-blocks NEW!

Captured Explosion of a liquid Xenon ampoule with 85 bars pressure.

Behold the mesmerizing beauty of a captured explosion of a Liquid Xenon Ampoule, frozen in time within a stunning display of liquid acrylic.

At the heart of this captivating piece lies a moment of pure dynamism—a powerful explosion of a liquid xenon ampoule under an astounding pressure of 85 bars. This explosive event has been meticulously captured and preserved, revealing a breathtaking shockwave frozen in exquisite detail.

The shockwave unfolds in a delicate, flower-like structure, showcasing the intricate patterns and mesmerizing symmetries born from the chaos of the explosion. Each petal-like ripple tells a story of energy and motion, inviting you to explore the fascinating interplay of forces at play.

Perfectly encapsulated in clear acrylic, this remarkable piece serves as a testament to the sheer beauty found within the most unexpected moments of scientific phenomena. Whether displayed as a striking centerpiece or cherished as a unique conversation starter, our Captured Explosion of a Liquid Xenon Ampoule promises to ignite wonder and curiosity in all who behold its radiant splendor.

Image: BASF SE

The innovation! Selected element samples in amply amount embedded in 50x50x50mm first-class crystal clear acrylic (not cheap resin!) . Totally lightfast, high gloss polish. The text is embedded inside! Hand crafted! Made in the European Union! Each acrylic block is a unique and individual piece! EXTREMELY eye-catching!

These original acrylic cubes are used in many important and famous periodic table collections allover the world!
100% Handmade in the European Union!

Red Dot Award winning design using our acrylic cubes.

Each cube comes in its separate original box!

Complete illuminated displays with our cubes are available on request

100% Hand Made in EU!

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