Big Osmium melted bead, 5.0 grams 99,95% purity!

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Osmium, Big high purity arc melted bead 5,03 grams
Diameter around 9mm – Made in Europe!
This practically unavailable noble metal is almost unknown in solid form.

Our solid Osmium is SAFE!  Solid means: Melted, crystalline or hot pressed. There are a few official looking websites stating that only “certified” & crystalline Osmium is safe but these claims are neither scientifically tenable nor proven. We tested several crystalline pieces against our melted beads and there was no evidence that melted material shows higher reactivity – In addition, the contact surface of a melting bead, is many times smaller than that of a crystalline platelet. Crystalline Osmium is obtained by a very time (several weeks or months) and energy consuming CVD process using chlorine or other halogens. This causes the high price.

You get a solid bead with shiny surface and slightly sky-blue tinge.
A must have for every elements collection!

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