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A leading supplier for high purity elements, periodic table display samples for research, education and collection - Living science...
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Carlos V. R.
from Albacete wrote in 05.08.2019
The products ARE AMAZING, and even THE SERVICE TOO. The order took longer than expected to be sent but it is understood, I placed the order during the holiday period. I have made a little trial order as it was my first time buying here, so of course, I will place a much larger order in the coming weeks. Thanks for these FANTASTIC pieces and service, and best regards. Carlos
from Manhattan wrote in 09.05.2018
I love these products!
Dave Harris
from Fort Wayne wrote in 15.05.2017
Fantastic sample of caesium - never thought I'd ever see it for sale... Beautiful but dangerous - what a combination.
Derek Ryan
from Canada wrote in 14.04.2017
Beautiful pro grade samples. Ordered all Lanthanides and Caesium, was not dissapionted! Smart Elements will hook you up.
Pedro Silva
from Lisboa wrote in 11.10.2016
Very good job!!! Excellent!! Best regards!
Jake Stonjek
from Lanceston wrote in 28.06.2016
Nice. Pretty cool science on this internet website address.
Matthew Le-Moignan
from Edinburgh wrote in 21.12.2015
Cesium cast in acrylic block; Looks amazing, very high quality. Can melt the cesium by placing the block on a hot water bottle for half an hour or so, nice to see in the liquid state.
Robert-Jackson Longmire
from Pickens, South Carolina, wrote in 15.07.2015
Loved the info you presented on the origins. Really super and very interesting and of course something that I didn't know.
from Sydney wrote in 05.07.2014
I love smart elements. I have looked at this site many hundreds of times and can not take my eyes off the stunning collections and bits and pieces on it, it is terrific except for one thing and it is a very minor problem as everything else is so good, the problem is that everything is just slightly over expensive, you can buy things like the acrylic cubes new from this site or off ebay you can buy a second hand one with about one tiny little scratch for about half the price of the ones on this site. Smart Elements is most likely the greatest element and chemistry supplier on this planet.

smart-elements: Thank you for your Kind feedback. We are glad that you like our products. If you check other sites you may find cheaper and at the first sight quite similar products. Many sellers try to copy our concepts to get max. profit out of their products. Making profit is nothing negative but it should not be the only motivation. We love what we do and invest most of our profit in science projects and the development of new socially & environmentally responsible products. This is one of the reasons of our long lasting success.
Joseph Marshall
from Tunbridge Wells (England) wrote in 28.02.2014
This is an excellent website. I am extremely impressed that you have been able to bring together so many of the naturally occurring elements for your exhibitions. Some of your products are strikingly attractive: I especially like the discharge tube set of noble gases and the very beautiful cube of beryllium (polished precision density-standard cube).
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