Liquid Gallium Metal under vacuum – Does not stick!

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NEW – Gallium sealed in ampoule under Vacuum

Gallium and glass are not good friends; under normal conditions gallium is extremely sticky and wettens the glass immediately and unrecoverable.

Under high vacuum and specially primed glass melted Gallium behaves like mercury and forms little spherules which quickly fuse together as soon as they touch each other. Making the picture therefore was quite tricky…

Perfect for collectors, teachers and scientists.

In solid state gallium is hard and brittle like glass. But only by the warmth of your hand it melts! Gallium is a very rare metal and has a significant role in the production of Flat screen, mobile phones, LED and other semiconductor applications. Its naturall ocurring deposits are already depleted so the prices are going up.

In this form it can be handled safely. You can melt it and let it solidify unlimited without any change in quality or appearance!

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