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Atomic no.:
Atom. weight: 87
Density: 2
Earth alkali
Melting point: 769°C
Boiling point: 1384°C
Colour: Array
Discoverer: Adair Crawford
Place: Edinburgh, Scotland
Year: 1790

The element is named after the village of Strontian in Scotland, where strontium ore was first found. A soft, silvery metal that burns in air and reacts with water. It is used to make special glass for televisions, but it is best known as the brilliant reds its salts give to fireworks and flares. Because it is very like calcium, it can mimic its way into our bodies, ending up in our bones. Radioactive strontium-90, which is produced in nuclear explosions and released during nuclear plant accidents, is particularly worrying because it can be absorbed into the bones of young children.

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 pure Strontium metal sealed in ampoule 1g  Art. Nr. 003756  
pure Strontium metal sealed in ampoule 1g
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Strontium metal crystals, shiny surface sealed in ampoule under argon 

weight 1 gram (picture shows  similar pieces)

These pieces of strontium metal were processed and filled under pure argon atmosphere to mostly maintain the metallic surface shiny - sealed in specially treated borosilicate ampoule

This is a real must have for every elements collector.

GHS Classification:

H261 In contact with water releases flammable gas
P233 Keep container tightly closed
P280 Wear protective gloves/protective clothing/eye protection/face protection
P231+P232 Handle under inert gas. Protect from moisture
P370+P378 In case of fire Use … for extinction
P402+P404 Store in a dry place. Store in a closed container

Amount: 1g
Purity : 99,5%
Packing: ampoule-Argon
- tax free

Availability: 2 in stock

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