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Atomic no.:
Atom. weight: 144.24
Density: 7.004
Rare earth metal
Melting point: 1024°C
Boiling point: 3074°C
Colour: Array
Discoverer: Carl Auerbach von Welsbach
Place: Vienna, Austria
Year: 1885

Separated in 1885 by Baron Auer von Weisbach. Neodymium is one of the more reactive members of the lanthanide group. It oxidises rapidly in air to form an oxide which rapidly spalls away to reveal fresh metal. The metal reacts slowly with cold water and rapidly with hot water. The metal is found in monazite (CePO4, a principal source of the rare earths and thorium) and orthite. It has an abundance of 38 ppm in the earth's crust. The applications for pure neodymium are limited, but it is used in alloys used to produce permanent magnets and flints. It is also used as an additive to glasses which are used in solid state lasers and light amplifiers.

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 100g Neodymium metal pieces 99,9% under argon!  Art. Nr. 003746  
100g Neodymium metal pieces 99,9% under argon!
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100 grams Neodymium Metal - 99.9%/TREM

clean pieces in high quality argon flooded taper joint glass bottle to prevent oxidation of this very air sensitive metal.

Size of the bottle: H = 85mm x D = 41mm
The bottle will be shipped in vacuum sealed foil.

For laboratory use or your elements collection

Amount: 100g
Purity : 99,9%
Packing: glass / Argon
- tax free
5-9 pcs.: 114.00 Euro
>9 pcs.: 108.00 Euro
Availability: 99 in stock

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