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Atomic no.:
Atom. weight: 114.818
Density: 7.31
Melting point: 156.61°C
Boiling point: 2080°C
Colour: silvery shiny
Discoverer: Ferdinand Reich, Hieronymus Theodor Richter
Place: Germany
Year: 1863

Discovered in 1863 by F. Reich and H. Richter in Freiberg, Germany. Indium derives its name from the characteristic indigo line in its spectrum. It is a soft, malleable and ductile metal which is generally unaffected by air or water but is soluble in acids. It is found only in the form of minor components of various minerals (as are gallium and thallium, other members of the boron group of elements in the periodic table) and the pure element is produced by electrolytic reduction in aqueous solution. It has an abundance in the earth's crust of 0.049 ppm. Indium has a large cross-section for slow neutrons and is, therefore, readily activated. Indium is used in the forms of InAs and InSb within the semiconductor industry in thermistors and transistors. As a result of its physical properties, it is particularly suited to being used as a sealing material in vacuum systems and also as bonding material in acoustic transducers. Indium is also widely used in the manufacture of "fusible" materials, a range of alloys which have low melting points and can be used as thermal fuses and solders.

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 Indium Metal Ingot 99,995% min. - 100g  Art. Nr. 003651  
Indium Metal Ingot 99,995% min.  -  100g
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High purity Indium Metal Ingot - 100 grams

Size about 52x30x10mm - This is a true opportunity -

Indium is a very rare metal which is essential for production of semiconductors, flat screens, TV, Mobile phones and solar technology , however its price is quite low at the moment. You get ONE of such an ingot!

Amount: 100g
Purity : 99,995%
Packing: PE-bag
- tax free

Availability: 4 in stock

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