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Atomic no.:
Atom. weight: 132.90545
Density: 1.878
Alkali metal
Melting point: 28.4°C
Boiling point: 678.45°C
Colour: golden shiny
Discoverer: Robert Wilhelm Bunsen and Gustav Robert Kirchhoff
Place: Germany
Year: 1861

Discovered in 1860 by R. Bunsen and G. R. Kirchoff in Heidelberg, Germany. Cesium is a soft metal which is often liquid at room temperature due to its relatively low melting point (28.5C). It is an extremely reactive metal, reacting violently in contact with water and being rapidly attacked in air. As with other alkaline group metals, caesium can be prepared by electrolysis of the fused halides but, in addition, it can also be prepared by heating the chloride with calcium and distilling out the molten metal. It is not a common element, its abundancy on Earth being 7 ppm. As a photosensitor, cesium has a peak response at 800nm in the infrared, both thermal- and photo-emission being high. Alloys of cesium with antimony, gallium, indium and thorium are generally photosensitive. Cesium is also used in atomic clocks, a standard measure of time, based on the caesium ion resonance of 9,192,631,770 Hz.

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 Cesium Iodide >99,9% - CsI - 10.0g  Art. Nr. 000891  
Cesium Iodide >99,9% - CsI - 10.0g
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Cesium Iodide >99,9% - CsI

is a salt of the element cesium, it dissolves in water. A base material of various cesium compounds used in radiology, glass, ceramics, catalyst and chemically analytics reagents.

Cesium Iodide has a reasonably high x-ray stopping power due to its relatively high density and high effective "Z" (atomic number). For scintillation counting with Si diodes, CsI doped with a thallium "activator" is generally used. This material is designated CsI(Tl).

Cesium Iodide has high resistance to thermal and mechanical shock due to the absence of a cleavage plane. Most physical characteristics of CsI are independent of the activator used. CsI itself is soluble in water but is not hygroscopic in the real sense. However, when in contact with materials to which water vapor can adhere, or when used in atmospheres with a high relative humidity, surface degradation can occur.

Amount: 10,0g
Purity : >99.9%
Packing: Bottle
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