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Atomic no.:
Atom. weight: 12.011
Density: 2.23
non metal
Melting point: 3750°C
Boiling point: 4830°C
Colour: black-
grey / colourless
Discoverer: prehistoric, Antoine Laurent Lavoisier
Place: - / France
Year: 0 / 1

Carbon has been known since prehistoric times. Carbon occurs naturally in two allotropic forms, namely graphite and diamond; the discovery in 1985 of fullerenes has increased the number of allotropic forms of this element. Its abundance in the Earth's crust is 480 ppm. The study of carbon and its organic compounds is the basis of organic chemistry. The applications for carbon are many and include its use as an alloying element with iron in the manufacture of steel, its use as brushes in electrical generators and motors, the use of colloidal graphite or carbon to coat surfaces (e.g. glass), in electrical assemblies to absorb microwaves and inhibit photoelectrons and secondary electrons, and the use of high purity carbon (graphite) in nuclear reactors to moderate neutrons. Diamond has unique properties, being one of the hardest materials known and with excellent corrosion resistance and thermal transfer. Industrial diamond is used in rock drilling equipment and abrasive materials. CVD diamond has been the subject of extensive research and development over the past several years and applications for this material are only just being realized. Carbon is a fundamental part of all life, it being a prime constituent of DNA. On average, the human body contains approximately 16kg of carbon in one form or another.

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 Sensational chunk of glassy carbon - 99.99% - 38.88 grams  Art. Nr. 004752  
Sensational chunk of glassy carbon - 99.99% - 38.88 grams
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Sensational chunk of glassy carbon - 99.99% - 38.88 grams

These extremely rare pieces of solid glassy carbon are perfect for your element collection!

Glassy carbon, also called vitreous carbon, is an advanced material of pure carbon combining glassy and ceramic properties with these of graphite. Unlike graphite, glassy carbon has a fullerene-related microstructure. This leads to a great variety of unique material properties.

  • Extreme resistance to thermal shock and corrosion
  • stable in inert gas or vacuum up to 3000°C

Amount: 38.88g
Purity : 99.99%
Packing: PE-bag
219.00 Euro
- tax free

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