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Atomic no.:
Atom. weight: 208.9804
Density: 9.8
Heavy metal
Melting point: 271.3°C
Boiling point: 1560°C
Colour: Array
Discoverer: unknown
Place: unknown
Year: 15. Century

Discovered in the fifteenth century, although its discoverer is not known. Bismuth is a brittle metal which is silvery in color with a pink tinge. It is stable in air and water. It has poor thermal and electrical properties and finds applications in the manufacture of fusible alloys, a range of materials with low melting points which are suitable for various applications including solders and thermal fuses. Pure bismuth shows a high absorbtion of gamma rays which makes it useful as a filter or window for these particles, whilst at the same time permitting the passage of neutrons.

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smart-elements - Acrylic Element-block Bismuth Bi - 50mm

Acrylic Element-block Bismuth Bi - 50mm

Amount: 1 St.
Purity :99.995%

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smart-elements - Very nice Bismut crystals - 99.999% purity 5g

Very nice Bismut crystals - 99.999% purity 5g

Amount: 5g
Purity :99.999%

1 pcs.: 5.00 Euro - tax free
5-9 pcs.: 5.00 Euro
>9 pcs.: 5.00 Euro

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