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A leading supplier for high purity elements, periodic table display samples for research, education and collection - Living science...
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Our acrylic element cubes & red dot award: communication design 2011


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Our element series for science, education
and exhibition
A piece of the universe - elements embedded in acrylic.

The innovation! Selected element samples in amply amount embedded in
50x50x50mm first-class crystal clear acrylic. Totally lightfast, high gloss polish. The text is embedded inside! Hand crafted!
Made in the European Union!
Each acrylic block is a unique and individual piece!
EXTREMELY eye-catching!

Our acrylic cubes are used in many important and famous periodic table collections allover the world!

The complete set of all naturally
ocurring elements is available only here!

Come and visit us right now to get
your favourite sample!

We ship worldwide!

Complete set
of noble gases

all five noble gases sealed in
glass ampoules under vacuum.
Length 45-50mm, Ø 12mm.
They can be illuminated with
high voltage.

Density standard cubes - 1 cubic cm

Using purest materials, each density cube was lapped to
10x10x10mm by a mechanical engineering company
with an accuracy of 0.01mm. Each one separately ground
and polished it represents the theoretical density
of the respective element by its weight.
Element sybmol, name and density are laser engraved.


Our Acrylic Element Cubes used in the award-winning interactive Periodic table display at the BASF visitor center in Ludwigshafen

The interactive Periodic table of the elements: Since March 2011 a highlight at the BASF visitor center in Ludwigshafen offers all building blocks of the universe to touch and explore. Developed from the design agency flying saucer.

Besucherzentrum der BASF



Lanthanons ... These elements perplex us in our researches, baffle us in our speculations,
and haunt us in our very dreams. They stretch like an unknown sea before us - mocking,
mystifying and murmuring strange relevations and possibilities.

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